Video Production San Francisco Tip – Using Polarizers To Change Your Photography

Arguably the most valuable filter in a photographer’s arsenal is the Circular Polarizer. A simple, dark filter that rotates on the lens has the ability to darken skies, control reflections and reduce your aperture for diminished depth of field and greater bokeh.

Get Reflections Under Control

A very useful facet of a Polarizer is its ability to manipulate reflections. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to shoot through a reflection, a Polarizer will come in very handy. To demonstrate this, you’ll see that the first shot was made without the polarizing effect.

Using Polarizer To Change Your Photography - San Francisco Video Production

Simply twisting the filter to bend the reflected light results in the second picture. Suddenly, the rocks below the surface are revealed. These pictures were taken from the exact same angle only a moment apart, but the effect is completely altered.

San Francisco Video Production Agency - Using Polarizer

Another thing a polarizer can do is darken the sky and make clouds pop. For maximum polarizing effect on skies, point the camera at a 90-degree angle from the sun. You won’t see much of a polarizing effect if you point it towards the sun or in the opposite direction.

Reduce The Light

Finally, a Polarizer can be used to diminish the amount of light reaching the sensor. This allows you to open up your f/stop, diminishing depth-of-field so backgrounds go more out of focus. Polarizers require a 2-stop compensation. This is the same effect as an ND.6 Neutral Density Filter, which cuts the light moving through the lens but does not polarize the light.

Most SLR cameras meter the light through the lens, so you will not need to compensate your exposure manually; the camera will adjust the exposure for you. When shooting in bright light, those 2-stops of exposure can make a big difference in how your picture turns out.

When purchasing a circular polarizer, buy one that fits your lens with the largest front diameter. To adapt to your other lenses, you can easily purchase inexpensive adapter rings to make the one filter fit all of your lenses. You can find polarizers at any camera store, and used ones at

While photo editing can help to darken skies and even blur backgrounds, there is no substitute for a Polarizer when it comes to manipulating reflections. This one simple filter is an indispensable tool in every photographer’s bag

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Choosing Spokesperson for Your Company Videos

If you are planning to shoot your company video, hiring a spokesperson can be included on your checklist. While this can be a great idea, it can also turn out disastrous. It is important to identify who you want to use as your spokesperson.

Is it an actor? Is it one of your employees? One of your satisfied clients? Or perhaps yourself?

film spokesperson

Remember, deciding on this matter surely has a long-term impact to your business, so you better be careful.

To help you come up with a sound decision, I have compiled some tips for you.

Your spokesperson is a representation of your company

This is actually the first thing you should think about. The person you will choose to be your company’s spokesperson will play a huge role on your branding efforts in general.

Since you will be circulating your company videos all over the Internet, you must select a spokesperson who has his or her own ideas and opinions.

Not only these, but s/he must also be able to express these ideas to engage with your market and spur curiosity and loyalty with your brand.

entertainment video spokesperson


Perhaps you have watched news about CEO’s and actors who happened to be spokespersons of specific brands that have been slammed on social media. Worse, some have even been banned in certain locations.

This is because their ideas and opinions are contrary and degrading for certain groups. Hence, the more you need to be extra selective with hiring your spokesperson.

Company Employee Vs Actor Vs Yourself

Let’s discuss these three options you have.

First, if you’re thinking about using your company’s top official or any other employee, you have to consider how long they are going to stay.

It is natural to have employees come and go. If this happens after you have filmed your company video and you have your spokesperson running to your competitor, then you can imagine how much loss you can have.

You have to re-do everything over again. Unless you let them sign a binding contract, then you have no control over their loyalty.

The scenario above makes it ideal for any brand with ample marketing budget to use an actor as their company spokesperson. When you work with actors, they sign a contract with you, which makes the shelf life of your videos longer. Plus, you also get to take advantage of their following.

In addition, actors deliver the script naturally on camera compared to non-actors. Their acting skills make your videos more compelling. However, take note that you would be spending a pretty large sum of money for an actor’s talent fee.

Finally, there are instances when the best option for your company’s spokesperson is none other than yourself. This is especially applicable if you run a small, family-owned business. Who can tell your brand’s story better than you, right?

Film Production Spokesperson

Another instance wherein you must be your own spokesperson is when you are representing your services. This applies to doctors who own a clinic, lawyers with their own law firms, engineers and architects with who run a construction business, and so forth.

You see, it is just a matter of identifying who will represent your brand first, and of course, knowing how much budget you are putting into it.

What to Do Next After Selecting your Company Spokesperson

After you have successfully picked the best candidate to become your company’s spokesperson, it is time to get into action. Hiring the right video production company or individual is equally as important as choosing your spokesperson. What would an ideal spokesperson achieve when your company videos end up looking unprofessional and cheap? Great videos come with great skills, remember that. You can’t simply put all your video marketing budget to the actor you are hiring and then simply hire someone who claims that he can shoot and edit your videos. You need an experience person or team to do this.

Now, how can you hire the best video producer and editor for your company videos? Of course, you can browse the net or ask for recommendations from your colleagues and family. Whichever way you prefer, make sure you look at the candidates’ portfolio. You can even ask for a free quote and free consultation from them so you can weigh your options better.